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The tenant is delayed with the rent payment or has never even paid his rent even though the credit assessment was positive. What follows is a time intensive research, contacting and consultation of the tenant. In most of the cases single telephone calls are not sufficient to solve the problem, instead the whole problem is going on for weeks and months. High costs for attorneys, removals and further rental losses while the claim takes place are the result.

debeo offers to take over your whole accounts receivables management. For this purpose we have a competent team of lawyers, social scientists and economists as well as real estate experts.


Our multi lingual employees in the call centre take over the whole back office activity. The friendly and well-grounded employees in the front office visit your tenants and find individual solutions with the tenants where these are necessary. Hereby, the preservation of the tenant-landlord relation has the highest possible emphasis.

All administrative labours like the personal, telephonic and written contacts are provided through us. You hand over your claims and we take care that they are settled as fast as possible. An ongoing reporting allows you to be permanently "up-to-date".

The account receivables management is offered by the debeo GmbH

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