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Real Estate Asset Management

  • formulation of an investment strategy
  • risk management
  • financial engineering
  • economic object management
  • survey of all relevant data and documents concerning the object
  • budget-planning, -supervision and -controlling
  • partial accounting for the single object
  • choice, supervision and control of external experts if an assignment is necessary
  • real estate reporting concerning the object and the real estate portfolio
  • active contract management and awarding of contracts
  • assistance for the budget planning
  • planning and supervision of the ongoing maintenance and refurbishment
  • implementation of structural measures
  • organisation of the technical object management


  • coordination of the distribution
  • overall supervision
  • delegation of our well-trained project teams
  • technical execution
  • preparation of process schemes



Research and Consulting

  • cash-flow analysis
  • preparation of business plans
  • strategy consulting
  • time-based management
  • benchmarking
  • field analysis especially concerning vacancy rates and rental price levels
  • market analysis and -prospect

Accounts Receivables Management

  • encashment of outstanding rents
  • purchase of claims for rent
  • In detail we offer to our customers the following modules:
  • out of court accounts receivables management
  • judicial claims for rent till an executory title is gained
  • action for payment of rent
  • execution through contracted attorneys
  • purchase of claims for rent

  • The account receivables management is offered by the debeo GmbH

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